Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does Alexander Beall have a 1st wife?

Information given by N. Brown to B. Swain: The "Genealogy and History Magazine", Washington D.C. 15 March 1946 #11118, gives Ruth (daughter of Alexander) Beall's mother as Elizabeth Dick Beall.

My commentary: According to the information I have Elizabeth Hepburn and Alexander Beall were married in 1691. This would mean that Ruth Beall would have been Elizabeth Hepburn's stepdaughter. Elizabeth Hepburn must have been the second wife of Alexander Beall and perhaps this Elizabeth Dick was the mother of Alexander's first four children - Ruth, Ninnian, John, and James (all born prior to 1690).

The marriage date I have for Elizabeth Hepburn and Alexander Beall was off the internet and isn't sourced.Does anyone have any further information about this marriage and family?


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  2. Unconfirmed websites say Alexander m1. Elizabeth Combs who was possibly d/o Enoch and Barbara Combs or d/o Enoch Combs and Sarah Sprigg (unlikely since they m. after 16 Mar 1700).

    The identity of Alexander's 2nd wife has been much confused. She was Elizabeth Buckerfield d/o Henry Buckerfield and Elizabeth Parker, step-daughter of Patrick Hepburn, and widow of William Bates. The will of Elizabeth Hepburn, relict of Patrick Hepburn, mentioned her daughter Elizabeth Beall, granddaughter Mary Wilson, daughter-in-law Margaret Dick, granddaughter Elizabeth Scott, son-in-law John Hepburn and Elizabeth Scott. A codicil dated 14 Mar 1734 mentioned great-grandson Lingan son of Lingan Wilson. Elizabeth Parker m1. Henry Buckerfield, m2. Samuel Holdsworth, and m3. Patrick Hepburn. [Linda Reno, "Elizabeth Parker/Henry Buckerfield/Samuel Holdsworth/Dr. Patrick Hepburn," 10 May 2006, Ancestry.com, MDSTMARY-L Archives]