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Ninian Beall, son of Alexander Beall, the immigrant

Ninian Beall married Ruth Hamilton, daughter of Thomas Hamilton and his wife Ann (see a previous post)
Ninian Beall married Mary
James Beall married Ann Pottenger
Robert Beall married Hannah
Benjamin Beall married Mary Edmonston, daughter of Captian James Edmonston and Mary Beall
William Beall married Mary
John Beall married Tabitha (not traced)
Joseph Beall married Rachel Howard, Widow of Joseph Howard of A.A. Co. The estate of Joseph Howard distributed 17 April 1790 executrix Rachael Howard now wife of Joseph Beall of Frederick Co. Book J. G. 31 page 15 Hall of Records, Annapolis

Miscellaneous Information about Alexander Beall

His personal estate had been assessed at 1737.11.01/2

Alexander Beall was Formean of the Grand Jury at Charlestown, Prince George's County March Court 1699. Court Records of P.G. Co. Book D filed in Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD

Land Record of William & Ninian Beall

17 May 1745 - William Beall and Ninian Beall of Prince Georges's County convey to John Contee 696 acres of Largo Patented to Alexander Beall and William Offutt.  7 Dec. 1703,  now the property of William and Ninian as hears of Alexander Beall. William Beall received 110 pounds Sterling and Ninian received 90 pounds Sterling. Elizabeth Beall, wife of William and Ruth Beall, wife of Ninian waived dower. Book BB page 306 Land Office, P.G. Co.

(I'm not quite sure about that 1703 date . . . I think it's a typo and I'm not sure what the correct date would be as I haven't looked at the original document).

Information on Elizabeth Beall's Father, Patrick Hepburn

Dr. Patrick Hepburn, with Robert Tyler, Thomas Clagett, James Haddock and Joseph Belt was on e of the Trustees for the public school of the county and was deeded the ground on 6 April 1719 by Christopher Thompson of Prince George's County in trust for the directing, governing, keeping and encouraging of public school at Upper Marlborough in the Wester Branch of the Patuxent River. Book E page 733 Land Office Prince George's Co.