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Does Alexander Beall have a 1st wife?

Information given by N. Brown to B. Swain: The "Genealogy and History Magazine", Washington D.C. 15 March 1946 #11118, gives Ruth (daughter of Alexander) Beall's mother as Elizabeth Dick Beall.

My commentary: According to the information I have Elizabeth Hepburn and Alexander Beall were married in 1691. This would mean that Ruth Beall would have been Elizabeth Hepburn's stepdaughter. Elizabeth Hepburn must have been the second wife of Alexander Beall and perhaps this Elizabeth Dick was the mother of Alexander's first four children - Ruth, Ninnian, John, and James (all born prior to 1690).

The marriage date I have for Elizabeth Hepburn and Alexander Beall was off the internet and isn't sourced.Does anyone have any further information about this marriage and family?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Group Sheet of Col. Ninian Beall

Family Group Sheet of Col. Ninian Beall -

This is from a correspondence between N. Brown & Bernice Swain from 6 Aug 1981. She sites information is from a Mrs. Eleanor Blank (care of Nelle Chesley). I don't know how accurate it is, but I thought I'd pass it on. :

Beall, Col Ninian
When Born: 1624 (5)
Where: Largo Scotland
When died: pro 28 Feb 1717
Where: Prince George, MD
When Married: 1668/70
His Father: Dr. James Beall

Moore, Ruth
When born: 1652
Where: St. Mary's Co., MD
When Died: 1707
Her Father: Richard
Her Mother: Jane

F - Sarah, b. 1668, d. 1734, married 1686 Samuel Magruder

M - John b. 1670 d. 1710, unmarried
F - Hester (Ester) b. 1676 d. 1726 married 1701 Col. Joseph Belt

F - Jane b. 1678 (or 85) d. 1733 married Col Archibal Edmonston
F - Rachel b. 1679 d. 1740 married 1725 to James Offutt
M - Capt. Charles b. 1672 d. ?, married Mary Walsted
M - Ninnian Jr. b. 1674 d. 1710, married 1700/3 Elizabeth Magruder
M - Thomas, b. 1682 d. ?, unmarried
F - Mary, married Andrew Hamilton
F - Margery d. bef. 1708, married 1) T. Sprigg, 2. J. Belt
M - James, married 1753 Ann Pottinger
M - Col. George b. 1695 d. 1780, married 1) Eliz. Brooke, 2) Barbara Dent

Will of Rachel Beall, wife of Joseph Beall

Summary of Rachel Beall's will (source 9 Sept 1806-26 Jan 1807 Book G.M.-R.B. 31 page 252):
To Deborah Dorsery (my sister) so written 10 pounds
To Elizabeth Ijams 230 pounds
To son Joseph Howard 230 pounds
To Daughter Rachel Gassaway 1 desk
To daughter Sarah McElfresh residue

Record compiled by: Elizabeth Heterick and given to Bernice Swain through written correspondence.

Ninnian Beall (son of Ninnian Beall) Will and other information

Summary of Ninnian Beall's (of Montgomery County, MD 1723-1790) will:
To daughter Ruth Gassaway 1 shilling sterling
To daughter Susanna Catlett
To children of each 200 pounds
To grandchildren, those of Mary Watkins deceased, money from certain lands I sold Charles Gassaway in 1779
To grandson Gassaway Watkins to attend school until 1793
To sons in law Zachariah Offutt, Benjamin Edwards and Hardage Lane and daughters Eleanor Offutt, Rachel Land and Margaret Edwards 50 pounds each.
To children of my son Charles deceased, those unprovided for in the last will and testament of Charles Beall.
Son in law Hardage Lane, sole executor.

Record compiled by: Elizabeth Heterick and given to Bernice Swain through written correspondence.

Ninnian Beall married Mary
Susannah Beall married Alexander Catlett
Rachel Beall married Hardage Lane
Margaret Beall married Benjamin Edwards
Ruth Beall married Charles Gassaway
Mary Beall married Jon Watkins, Jr.
Eleanor Beall married Zachariah Offutt
Charles Beall married Tabitha Beall, daughter of Joseph, son of Ninian  & Ruth
Andrew Beall remained single

4 April 1791 administration of Estate of Ninian Beall shows tracts of land disposed of as Friendship in need 231 1/4 acres, Coopers Choice 81 1/2 acreas, Not worth a Name 10 acres. Will Book C page 74, Montgomery Co.

13 Aug 1777, "Know ye all men that I Ninian Beall of Ninian of Montgomery County for the love and affection and Good Will I bear the Society of people called Baptists, give devise and bequeath one acre of land whereon the meeting house now stands. Book A page 27 Land Office Montgomery, Co.

Evidence that Ruth Hamilton married Ninnian Beall

Summary of Thomas Hamilton Will (14 Jan 1782-6 Mar 1784 Book T1 page 195 Prince George, MD):
Wife Ann all real and personal estate during widowhood, after her decease to be sold and equally divided among my children: -
  • John and Elizabeth Tannihill
  • Sarah Beck
  • Andrew Hamilton
  • Mary Hamilton
  • Nancy Hamilton
  • Charlotte Hamilton

To my son William Hamilton: 1 shilling

To my daughter Ruth Beall 1 shilling

Isaac Walker & Charles Duvall Witnesses

Record compiled by: Elizabeth Heterick and given to Bernice Swain through written correspondence.

Evidence that Rachel Howard married Joseph Beall

Joseph Beall married Rachel Howard, widow of Joseph Howard of A.A. Co.

"The estate of Joseph Howard distributed 14 April 1790 executrix Rachael Howard now wife of Joseph Beall of Fred. Co"
Book J.G. 31 page 15 Hall of Records, Annapolis

Record compiled by: Elizabeth Heterick and given to Bernice Swain through written correspondence.

Evidence that Elizabeth Hepburn married Alexander Beall

Summary of Patrick Hepburn's (father of Elizabeth Hepburn) will:
(source: 4 Feb 1734-30May 1735 Book 1 page 253 P.G. Co.)

To daughter Elizabeth Beall 10 pounds Sterling
To Rev. John Orme 5 pounds current money
To granddaughter Mary Wilson 10 pounds current money
To duaghter in law Margaret Dick 10 pounds current money and a morning ring.
To granddaughter Elizabeth Scott all wearing linen, hoods and scarfes
To daughter Elizabeth Beall and granddaughters Mary Wilson and Elizabeth Scott and my daugther in law Margaret Dick all the rest of my wearing apparel, equally divided
To my granddaugther Elizabeth Scott the land mortgaged to me by Alexander Falconer.
All the rest and residue to son in law John Hepburn and granddaughter Elizabeth Scott.
Son in law John Hepburn and George Scott executors
Thomas Sprigg
Thomas Clark Witnesses
Jacob Igleheart

Codicil 14 March 1734 to aforesaid John Hepburn, Elizabeth Scott and grandson Lingan, son of Lingan Wilson, personaly.

Record compiled by: Elizabeth Heterick and given to Bernice Swain through written correspondence.

Will of Nathan Beall (b. abt 1755, d 1802)

For a transcription of the will of Nathan Beall of Montgomery, KY click here
from Will Book A, Washington, KY p224

Will of Joseph Beall

Please click here for a transcription of the will of Joseph Beall, of Frederick Co., MD.

Land Grant: Joseph Beall and Henry Beall, 16 Jul 1755

Page 1 Page 2
Page 3

Deed between Joseph Beall and Henry Beall proving Ninnian as Josephs father. Record written on 16 Jul 1755.

Marriage Dates of Beall Family Members

A Reply to Ms. Swain from Mr. Charles C. Keller, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Frederick Maryland, in 1980.
"No record of Nathan's marriage but our records do not start until 1780. Bernard Nolands marriage has been penciled in for January 18, 1791 by someone, we are not able to verify the date of issue or send a certified copy."

Will of Charles Beall (husband of Tabitha Beall - daughter of Joseph)

For the Will of Charles Beall, husband of Tabitha Beall. Tabitha was daughter of Joseph Beall click here

Will 23 Oct 1783-3 March 1790 Book G m2 page 332, Hall of Records, Annapolis MD

Wife Tabitha - plantation whereon I now live.
Below received Slaves:
Daughter Priscilla
Daughter Susannah
Daughter Betsey
Daughter Cysey
Daughter Sarah
Son Asa
I devise and direct that all my land in Montgomery Co. be sold to pay my debts:
Hardage Lane of Virginia
Alexander Catlett of Montgomery County
Ninian Beall
Joseph Beall
James Kindall

Charles Beall had three other daughters: Attaiah, Zerusiah, and Charlotte Beall

20 Nov 1791 Tabitha Beall, executor of Charles Beall

Compiled by Elizabeth B Heterick

Land Records of Alexander Beall, 1649-1743

9 Sep 1713 Alexander Beall for 55 poinds currency puchased from Col. Ninian Beall tract "Friendship", Northside of Col. William Diggs land. Ruth Beall, wife of Col. Ninian waived dower. Book E page 284 Land Office P.G. County

9 Nov 1719 Alexander Beall for love and affection I bear my loving son Nathaniel Beall a tract called "Middle Part", part of a tract "Friendship Enlarged" 290 acres.
Book F page 256 Land Office P.G. County

9 Nov 1719 Alexander Beall for love and affection for my loving son Ninian Beall tract called "Upper Part", part of "Friendship Enlarged" 430 acres.
Book F page 257 Land Office P.G. County

9Nov 1719 Alexander Beall to son in law John Jackson and his wife Ruth, tract called "Jackson's Improvement", being a part of "Friendship Enlarged".
Book F page 258

24 Sep 1721 Alexander Beall purchased part of a tract "Largo" lying in the North Fork of the Northern Branch of the Patuxent River for 120 pounds Sterling from John and Elizabeth Bowen, William and Anna Harris, Thomas and Sarah Winters and Mary Dorset.
Book Eye page 173 Land Office P.G. Co.

Record compiled by: Elizabeth Heterick and given to Bernice Swain through written correspondence.

Alexander Beall Will & Accounts

A summary of the will of Alexander Beall. Source: Will Book 1, page ___, Prince George Co., 16 Jan 1743-5 Sept 1744.

I have not seen the original myself. I am relying on the research of a fellow Beall genealogist.

Alexander Beall:

- to son William - 2 tracts of land "Neighborhood" and "Largo" on South side of South west branch of the Patuxent River.

- to son Ninian - Tract "Largo" on north side to South West Branch of Patuxent River

To Lingan Wilson's wife my chaise and housees.

To brother Robert - all my wearing apparel.

The rest of my estate divided into 5 parts:

1/5 to son William

1/5 to son Ninian

1/5 to deceased son John Beall's children

1/5 to Son James Beall's children now living

1/5 to son in law John Jackson

Sons William and Ninian and Son in Law John Jackson, executors

Meredith Davis, a quaker

John Conry

Joseph Beall

14 Dec 1754 William Beall, Ninian Beall and John Jackson, executors

paid to Lingan Wilson Legatee 25.0.0

Paid to Robert Beall 12.0.0

Paid to Nathan Magruder and the reset of John Beall's children, legatees 287.5.5

Paid to Samuel Beall for himself and the rest of the children of James Beall legatees 318.1.6 1/2

- Book 260 accounts page 528 Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD