Monday, March 23, 2009

Alexander Beall Will & Accounts

A summary of the will of Alexander Beall. Source: Will Book 1, page ___, Prince George Co., 16 Jan 1743-5 Sept 1744.

I have not seen the original myself. I am relying on the research of a fellow Beall genealogist.

Alexander Beall:

- to son William - 2 tracts of land "Neighborhood" and "Largo" on South side of South west branch of the Patuxent River.

- to son Ninian - Tract "Largo" on north side to South West Branch of Patuxent River

To Lingan Wilson's wife my chaise and housees.

To brother Robert - all my wearing apparel.

The rest of my estate divided into 5 parts:

1/5 to son William

1/5 to son Ninian

1/5 to deceased son John Beall's children

1/5 to Son James Beall's children now living

1/5 to son in law John Jackson

Sons William and Ninian and Son in Law John Jackson, executors

Meredith Davis, a quaker

John Conry

Joseph Beall

14 Dec 1754 William Beall, Ninian Beall and John Jackson, executors

paid to Lingan Wilson Legatee 25.0.0

Paid to Robert Beall 12.0.0

Paid to Nathan Magruder and the reset of John Beall's children, legatees 287.5.5

Paid to Samuel Beall for himself and the rest of the children of James Beall legatees 318.1.6 1/2

- Book 260 accounts page 528 Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD

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