Sunday, January 12, 2014

Will of Margaret Jackson Magruder (daughter of Ruth Beall and John Jackson)

Will of Margaret Jackson Magruder (daughter of Ruth Beall and John Jackson):
I only have a summary of the will and I do not know where it is located:

Margaret Magruder wife of Samuel Magruder III
Will 8 June 1787 Proved 5 March 1801
Witnesses Allen Bowie and Edward Magruder.

Mentions: Sisters Eleanor Ariel and Hannah Manduit
                 Nephews Zachariah Offutt and Thomas Cramphin
                 Niece: Ruth Bowie and grandniece Margaret Magruder
Charlotte Magruder daughter of Samuel Brewer Magruder ; friend Susan Magruder wife of Hezekiah. Elizabeth Williams daughter of Jacob Williams; - niece Frances Beall wife of Benjamin Beall and her sons, friends relations Joseph M. Jackson, John Jackson; brothers Phillip and Alexander Jackson.


A Book about Alexander Beall

A Book describing Alexander's early life. As quoted from a fellow Beall researcher "It really makes you feel like you are acquainted with him. I see that has it but I couldn't get into the book from home today.. . Perhaps it's just my computer? I'll have to check it out later:

"Alexander Beall - 1649-1744 of Maryland: One line of Decent in America" compiled by William Hunter McLean. I also see you can order the book through the Fort Worth Genealogical Society.